Preventive Check-up

A preventive check-up can prevent unpleasant complications which may occur due to untreated eurodontia or periodontal diseases. If such a condition is identified in good time through a preventive check-up, patients can start the treatment process which is then significantly less demanding in terms of time and cost. This is the least you can do for your teeth.

We recommend every patient to go through at least one such regular check-up per year. However, women who are pregnant as well as children and young people should have at least two such examinations per year. Your doctor might, however, recommend you to come more regularly, if your health or predisposition requires it. This is applicable primarily for cases involving a large amount of prosthetics, surgery and conservative types of oral treatment.

The preventive check-up lasts approximately 30 minutes and consists of the following procedures: a check-up using the most up-to-date medical appliances, instruments and technologies, such as the laser dental cavities-detector DIAGNOdent. This check-up further involves the making of digital x-rays which help us reveal and identify any emerging dental cavities or decay which are impossible to spot with the naked eye only and subsequently we can suggest and provide appropriate treatment. After such a preventive check-up, suitable treatment and a therapeutic treatment plan is recommended.