Dental Care for Children

We recommend that children see their dentist for the first time at the age of 12 months, when the first teeth emerge. If teeth cutting is accompanied by discomfort, our professionals will be glad to give you advice, also by phone.

The myth about not having to take care of milk teeth, as they will eventually fall out, is untrue. Dental decay attacks the milk teeth in the same way that it attacks our permanent teeth. It is most so important for your child’s teeth to receive proper care and attention as this forms a crucial part of the further healthy development of permanent teeth.

The first visit does not necessarily mean dental treatment. It should be an initial check-up so that the child gets used to the environment of the dental clinic and for the doctor to start building his / her relationship with the patient. The doctor will check the condition of the cutting teeth and the parents are briefed on proper dental care for their children. Based on our experience, we know that children who are familiar with these surroundings are more likely to tolerate dental intervention and the whole course of treatment is smoother.

The Sealing of Fissures

Sealing of children’s teeth is part of preventive dental care for children. After the first teeth emerge after the child reaches six, we recommend treatment of the chewing surfaces of the rear teeth of children with so-called fissures. These teeth have an uneven surface and that is a dangerous place for food to accumulate and cause tooth decay. After thorough cleaning and application of the ozone, a sealant is applied. This lowers the risks of dental decay and if the guidelines for proper dental hygiene are adhered to, your child’s teeth might last for the rest of their life.