We strongly emphasise this first visit, since a thorough initial check-up significantly influences the whole course of the treatment that follows.

Before your first visit to our clinic, call us to make an appointment and we will agree on a suitable date and time for your initial check-up. On arrival at DENTLY you will be given a general health questionnaire which you can complete in our comfortable and spacious waiting room. The questionnaire contains personal information regarding your state of health which is needed in order to determine the most suitable methods for treatment. If you are not absolutely sure when filling in the required data, feel free to ask and we will be glad to help you.

Upon completion of the survey, you will go through your list of particular wishes and requests with your attending physician. After your check-up has been completed thoroughly, we will, together with you, propose a detailed plan for further treatment that will take into account your time schedule as well as your financial situation. It is of the utmost importance to us that our patients are informed about all aspects and possibilities regarding the proposed treatment and should also understand each step, which means that you are welcome to ask just about anything in case of any uncertainties. After coming to an agreement, we will set priorities and find the perfect solution for you.