Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is nowadays considered as a safe and approved method to lighten tooth color. Unwanted discoloration of your teeth may be caused by smoking, drinking coffee or tea or, in some cases, an inherited pre-disposition. Achieving the desired results involves the application of a certain combination of chemical substances activated through light. As a result, within a short period, your smile will be a bright one without damaging the enamel and with a long-lasting effect.

It is possible to achieve the desired effect after just one session which, depending on the extent of whitening, takes approx. 1- 1.5 hours. It is recommended to undergo a dental hygiene procedure before completing such a session to assure that teeth are white and gums healthy. During this procedure, a special gel is applied to the teeth which has a significant whitening effect. The effect is further enhanced by the application of a special whitening lamp which is the source of light that activates the whitening gel and increases its effect. This is why it is possible to lighten your teeth by a couple of shades within the course of just one hour. The whole procedure is painless. However, after the completion of the whitening process, increased tooth sensitivity may occur which should cease after a day. After you have completed the whitening session you will be given a special tooth paste for whitened teeth which promotes the production of tooth enamel and decreases the sensitivity of your teeth. After completion of the whitening procedure you should not consume food or drinks containing strong coloring elements (spinach, beetroot, bilberries, red wine, etc.)