Dental Hygiene

Nowadays, a visit to a dental hygiene specialist has become routine and a standardized part of a dental treatment plan and is a common procedure in order to prevent dental cavities, decay or periodontal diseases. Adhering to the principles of proper dental hygiene on a regular basis significantly decreases the chance of dental cavities and is practically capable of preventing periodontal diseases. Completion of treatment performed by your dental hygiene specialist should be carried out at least twice a year and the procedure involves the following steps:

  • hygienic up-date – the specialist recommends a suitable method for cleaning and brushing your teeth, what type of toothbrush you should use and the correct method of cleaning between your teeth or choosing the most effective type of toothpaste
  • oremoval of tartar, mechanically and by ultrasound
  • removal of dental plaque and discoloration of the teeth caused by drinking coffee and tea etc. by applying the Airflow method
  • treatment of sensitive areas and fluoridation of the teeth in order to strengthen the tooth enamel
  • diagnosis of gum inflammation and active periodontal follicles

The whole examination should not take longer than an hour. If the dental hygiene specialist deems it necessary, you might be recommended a further visit to check -up on the previous dental hygiene treatment. Your dental hygiene specialist will then schedule the date for your next visit (approx. in 6 months).