Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth, known in the dental world as the eights, grow during adulthood and are considered as supernumerary teeth. Many people have small mouths, so their wisdom teeth cannot fully grow and eventually cause problems.

If they do though have enough space, they can emerge totally and are assigned a place in the dental arch. Then it is necessary to take care of them just as any other teeth.

If they do not have enough space to grow, we may not see them emerge at all, or just on the surface of the gum, as well as partially protruding out of the gum line. These cases can cause inflammation of the surrounding gums, leaving the patient with a feeling of pressure and or pain in the jaw line. 

Wisdom teeth, which never grow past the surface of the gum line, it is only possible to locate them with a X-Ray scan. Panoramic X-Ray scans are for us one of the basic investigative methods, which we process while the patient waits and on the basis of the results we decide upon any other needed medical procedures.

When they do not full emerge, like their fellow adult teeth then it is required to extract them, so that they cannot cause any problems in the future. Extractions are carried out under effective anaesthesia and if the patient can follow the given instructions then they should recover relatively painlessly.