Gum Inflammation

Inflamed and bleeding gums currently plague many people. This problem should not be underestimated nor ignored, as it may in fact be the manifestation of a serious disease. 

A person, who has healthy teeth and maintains good oral hygiene, has pink gums, with no bleeding or swelling. 

Dental defects and irregular or improper brushing of your teeth can often cause problems. These include in particular the emergence of plaque containing bacteria, which arises from tartar and bleeding, inflamed gums. 

Effective prevention of these problems is also proper care of your teeth at home, and to visit the dentist regularly, along with visits to a dental hygienist. Having teeth professionally cleaned, removing plaque and tartar build up, while also advising you to choose a correct tooth brushing technique and suitable tools for scraping teeth. 

Dental appointments, with your dentist and dental hygienist are recommended at least twice a year.

At our stomatology clinic we place a great emphasis on treatment via prevention. Therefore, our patients are booked for regular check-ups and treatment with the dental hygienist, which in turn helps them maintain healthy gums, and natural, healthy looking teeth.