Cleaning your teeth and Dental hygiene 

The care of teeth and the mouth is not just about regular teeth cleaning. In addition to this regularity it is important to use the correct dental equipment and techniques. Even brushing your teeth after each meal is not required, to maintain healthy teeth without decay or inflammation. 

Improper equipment or poor technique can lead to problems in the form of exposed teeth  and sensitive teeth and gums.

According to dental hygiene experts it is enough to clean your teeth just once a day, but this needs to be done correctly.

The market there are a large number of devices used to keep your teeth healthy. 

Which tooth brush is the right one? Electric or classic? What about tooth paste? With or without fluoride? 

So that our teeth can stay healthy, it is required that we use daily a soft toothbrush, with the correct shape and bristle direction, but also the interdental brushing and to floss.

Teeth should be given more time and it is needed to thoroughly clean not only your teeth, but also the interdental spaces where bacteria are likely to accumulate. 

We also recommend regular visits to a dental hygienist. Take care of your teeth by having then professional cleaned, or polished so that they you can keep them pigment spots and allow fluoridation. At the same time, people can learn how to correctly clean their teeth at home, and what other aids can help them achieve the correct results.