Teeth Whitening

A bright white smile with beautiful teeth can boost self-esteem for speech and making acquaintances. Currently there are many various preparations on the market, for the whitening of teeth. Before starting with any treatment it is important to consult your dentist. Indiscriminate use of bleaching agents may in fact cause tooth sensitivity and damage tooth enamel.

At our centre we recommend proven products for home use and also in surgery teeth whitening. 

Tooth whitening at dental surgeries is a proven method for lightening teeth a few shades in just one hour. A tooth whitening gel is applied, at controlled time intervals in combination with a special light that facilitates the whitening effect. Approximately two weeks after bleaching your teeth your teeth requires additional after care. The patient can learn from the dental hygienist who would perform the whole procedure. Before tooth whitening it is important to undergo a dental hygiene process before the application of whitening products so that the teeth can be perfect cleaning. Tooth whitening in surgeries is highly effective; just one session can give results that remain visible for a long time

On bleached teeth are often applied decorative crystals. This exercise does not require invasive intervention with tooth enamel. Crystals are connected to the surface of the tooth using a special, colourless, and long lasting material.